north yorkshire policePolice arrested a 57-year-old man thus morning following the theft of two bikes from the Snaygill Indsutrial Estate.

At 12.30am Wednesday 21 June 2017, police received a call from a concerned member of the public regarding sightings of a suspicious vehicle in the Skipton estate.

A van had been seen driving around the industrial estate in a suspicious manner, without its headlights on.

Within minutes of the call, officers arrived at the industrial estate and following a search of the area, found that entry had been gained to one of the bike sheds, by the side panel of the shed being bent back and two mountains bikes had been stolen.

Using information provided by witnesses and Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology, the suspect vehicle was traced, located and stopped near the Bay Horse pub in Skipton just before 2am.

A 57-year-old man from Wakefield was arrested on suspicion of theft and currently remains in police custody.

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