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An assistant head at a top girls' school has been sacked for touching pupils’ bottoms and inappropriate sexual antics.
Roderick Dyson, 62, was dismissed from his role as head of engineering at Skipton Girls’ High School, when the allegations came to light and before he was hauled in front of a misconduct panel.
He bragged about he size of his penis in class and made lewd remarks, including ‘imagine sucking them balls girls.’

Mr Dyson also cupped round moulds to his chest to simulate boobs in the classroom, the tribunal was told.
Skipton Girls' High School was recently named best secondary school in the country for science, technology, engineering and maths.
The married father, who had been working at the selective grammar school since September 2006, had been touching the hips and thighs and tapping the bottoms of some schoolgirls.
A National College for Teaching and Leadership disciplinary hearing found Mr Dyson made inappropriate contact with students’ lower bodies when moving behind them.
The tribunal heard from several girls, all but one below 18 years old, who told of the assistant head’s habit of touching the ‘thigh side of her bottom with the back of his hand with quick taps’.
Mr Dyson had denied the action but accepted he was a ‘tactile and enthusiastic’ teacher.
He made sexually suggestive comments towards or in the presence of one or more pupils, including saying that a boy might need a small toilet but that he would need a large one with his ‘big thing’.
The panel heard clear oral evidence from Pupil I, Pupil F, Pupil K and Pupil J in relation to this charge. Mr Dyson gave the appearance of finding this remark funny.
The panel accepted that Mr Dyson had referred to urinals as a reference point when discussing ergonomics and design issues.

The panel was also satisfied that, in the course of this discussion, Mr Dyson made reference to his sexual organs and also made gestures which resulted in pupils having their attention drawn to Mr Dyson's sexual organs.
Pupil F referred to Mr Dyson stating words to the effect of "imagine sucking on those balls" in the course of a lesson in which moulds and vacuum suction was being discussed.

And Pupil I said that Mr Dyson said that 'these' "would not be very good for sucking on”.
The panel ruled that the use of the words "sucking" and "balls" in combination should have been avoided in the circumstances.
The panel was satisfied that such comments were sexually suggestive.
A number of schoolgirls gave evidence that sexual jokes were made by Mr Dyson regularly about "nuts and bolts" fitting together in a sexually suggestive manner.
The NCTL panel heard that Mr Dyson had been disciplined by the school for holding spherical vacuum-formed moulds to your chest to simulate breasts.
Mr Dyson was dismissed from Skipton Girls’ High School last year.

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