Haworth Home of the Bronte Sisters

And also a beautiful Village just outside of Keighley. This small village about 3 miles out of Keighley off the A629 to Halifax has a lot to offer for a good day out.

Views of Haworth

The excellent Main Street (be warned very steep at the top) still cobbled and made famous by the film The Railway Children, has a good selection of gift shops, collectors shops and traditional Cafes selling good Yorkshire home made food. At the top of Main Street is the Tourist Information Office.

At the top of Main Street you have St Michael's and All Angels' Church where the Reverend Patrick Bronte was the Parson. Behind this you will find The Bronte Parsonage this was the home of the Bronte Family now a museum the famous literary family. Anne, Emily, and Charlotte being the most famous for there books including Jane Ayre and Wuthering Heights (more history). The museum has a good collection of their personnel possessions for more info visit the museum website.

At the Bottom of the Village is Haworth Station part of the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway this steam preservation society has an impressive collection of fully preserved steam engines and carriages. Their track runs from Keighley to Oxenhope approx 5 miles through beautiful countryside and six stations. This railway was used in the film The Railway Children as well as loads of other films and adverts there is a Railway Children Walk from Oakworth Station to Haworth, Oakworth was also seen in the film.

Why not travel to Haworth on this railway it starts at Keighley Railway Station so you can link direct from British Rail at Keighley Station.

In and around Haworth there are a lot of good shops a model shop near the station where you can buy railway models, plenty of good places to have a drink or have a good meal out you can spend a full day out there.

Plenty of car parks about but beware if you over stay your ticket or park wrong in the Changegate car park they will clamp you. Car Stoppers the car clampers who operate in Haworth were awarded the Dick Turpin award for Highway Robbery by Auto Express in 2003. There is a council car park by the Bronte Parsonage Museum. We get a lot of complaints about this car park.

The clamp car park is opposite Edinburgh Woolen Mills. there is a council car park near to it. See Map below

Haworth Car Parks

If you follow the rules displayed at the Changegate Car Park you will not be clamped.


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